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The Cleveland HiBore Xli is a set of forgiving golfing irons aimed at beginner golfers.

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Increased Launch Angle- helps beginners get the ball off the ground

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Will get the ball out of the rough easier than traditional irons

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Forgiving- off center hits go nearly as far as well struck shots

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Works really well in fairway bunkers

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Comfort- Irons will not vibrate as much on missed shots

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Excellent irons for beginners

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Increased MOI - 27% more than a traditional iron

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Lacks feel- Hard to decipher between good shots and bad ones

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The Cleveland HiBore Xli is a set of forgiving golfing irons aimed at beginner golfers. The XLi’s are considered “game improvement” irons because they feature added performance enhancing technology. The XLi’s are the only hybrid irons made with full hollow club interiors throughout the entire set. These are designed to provide a consistent feel while dampening vibration for a seamless transition from beginning to end. The XLi irons utilize “Distance Driven Geometry,” a technology which places the weight of the club deeper within the head. This feature optimizes the center of gravity, providing increased distance, speed and accuracy for most golfers. Cleveland has also made the XLi’s with a bigger chassis and an oversized face, increasing the MOI (moment of inertia) by 27% over traditional irons. Beginner golfers looking for a dramatically forgiving set of irons that are designed to project shots long and straight are likely to find these to be a suitable choice

  • game improvement full hollow club interiors
  • 27% increase in MOI (compared to traditional iron set)
  • center of gravity 6 times deeper (compared to traditional irons)
  • thin face technology (higher ball speed)
  • right and left-handed models
  • lofts: 21°, 24°, 27°, 30°, 33°, 37°, 41°, 45°, 50°, 55° (irons 3-SW)
  • shafts: Cleveland Golf Red steel and Silver graphite
  • Each club comes with it's own headset 
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