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They are a set of "Tour Spec" irons that feature a player profile and are ideal for the accomplished golfer.

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allows you to work the ball left/right very easily

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thin profile makes them easy to line up just right on address

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can control the distance on each shot

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gel insert absorbs vibrations, makes for a smooth buttery feel on every shot

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enough forgiveness for intermediate to advanced players

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sounds the same on miss-hits and proper strikes on the sweet-spot

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beginners will find themselves making frequent miss-hits

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The Cleveland CG Red Irons are a set of "Tour Spec" irons that feature a player profile and are ideal for the accomplished golfer. The back of the club has a vibration-tuned red Gelback insert that gives a soft feel on well struck shots and gives responsiveness on off-center hits. The head has a smaller 1/4 shaft offset for more workability for the accomplished player and the thin topline fits the better player's eye. The club has a compact head, square toe and web hosel as it is meant for shotmakers. Next generation Micro-Cavity Technology (MCT) removes weight from the topline and redistributes it along the perimeter for better stability and more forgiveness. The increased strength to the topline allows the face to remain square though impact and a more solid feel than traditional irons, and the redistribution of weight to the heel gives a deep center of gravity (CG) resulting in a larger sweet. The actionlite flighted shafts give trajectory control for more spin and a higher launch on long irons, and a more penetrating ballflight for short irons. Color-coded hosel marking identifiy a flat, standard or upright fit.

  • Vibration-tuned red Gelback insert
  • 1/4 shaft offset
  • Web hosel
  • Compact head
  • Square toe
  • Gelback technology
  • Micro-cavity technology (MCT)
  • Color-coded hosel marking (flat, standard or upright)
  • Actionlite flighted shafts
  • Clubs available: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW
  • RH and LH
Shaft Options
  • True Temper, Dynamic Gold - Flex R300, 127g
  • True Temper, Dynamic Gold - Flex S300, 130g
  • True Temper, Dynamic Gold - Flex X100, 130g
  • Grafalloy, ProLaunch Red - Flex R, 88g (custom shaft)
  • Grafalloy, ProLaunch Red - Flex S, 88g (custom shaft)
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