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The Clarion VZ400 is a high end audio and video receiver for your dash.

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expandability options work as soon as they are plugged in, no elaborate configuration required

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streams audio from a variety of portable devices via Bluetooth

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built-in Bluetooth microphone needs no configuration, filters noise well

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both steering wheel remote and separate remote control are fully featured, provide access to all functions

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lower power output just adequate for OEM speakers, completely inadequate for enthusiasts without an amplifier

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screen construction is loose, doesn't sit firmly in place, moves when touchpad is used

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volume control problems after a call is received - tends to boost volume of the radio to the level of the call

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pre-outs are set to 2V, need to remember to adjust the amp accordingly

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The Clarion VZ400 is a high end audio and video receiver for your dash. It features a 7 inch LCD touchpanel display that runs a full graphical user interface (GUI). Bluetooth connections with your cellphone are possible, and you can augment the system with a direct connection to the NP400 GPS (sold separately). The AM/FM stereo is both HD radio ready and Sirius Direct Connection ready. The drive is compatible with DVD, CD, MP3 and WMA formats.

RCA and USB inputs are built in as well as front / rear AUX inputs. A rear vision camera can be connected. Output is run through four 40 watt channels, and there are six extra 2 volt RCA outputs. Audio is handled through a 24-bit D/A converter. 

  • 7 inch LCD touchpanel display
  • GUI through touchpanel
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • DVD, CD, MP3, WMA compatible
  • NP400 direct connection
  • iPod Compatible
  • Rear USB
  • Front/Rear AUX input
  • AM / FM stereo
  • HD Radio ready with iTunes tagging
  • Sirius Direct Connect ready
  • Rear vision camera RCA input
  • 24-bit D/A Converter
  • Low pass filter for subwoofer
  • 4 x 40 watt power output
  • 2 volt 6 channel RCA outputs
  • Remote control included 
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