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The Clarion VX400 is a basic A/V head unit.

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CDs and DVDs have an easy to use GUI to work with

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buttons along the sides are well placed and easy to push without accidental double-tap

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Bluetooth iPhone integration is well designed, automatically downloads contact list

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built-in microphone for hands-free calling picks up a lot of background noise

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GUI outside of CDs and DVDs is not intuitive, takes some time to learn

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only one speaker is active for calls

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finding songs on an iPod or iPhone is difficult, and search misses many tracks

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The Clarion VX400 is a basic A/V head unit. It features a 6.5 inch LCD touchscreen, through which all controls can be accessed with a graphic user interface. Bluetooth is built in and allows for hands-free calling, and iPod and iPhones can be fully integrated and controlled though the LCD panel. A direct connection is also available for an optional NP400 navigation system.

The drive is compatible with CD, DVD, MP3 and WMA formats. The AM/FM radio is HD Radio and Sirius Direct Connect ready. Audio is sent through four 40 watt outputs, and can be augmented with six 2 volt RCA outputs.

  • 6.5 in LCD touchscreen
  • Bluetooth built in
  • Hands-free calling
  • Superior iPod and iPhone Connectivity
  • CD, DVD, MP3 and WMA compatible
  • Rear USB, Front/Rear Aux Input
  • NP400 Direct Connection
  • AM/FM Radio
  • HD Radio and Sirius Direct Connect ready
  • 6ch/2V RCA Output with Subwoofer Control
  • 4 x 40w main outputs
  • Low-Pass filter for subwoofer
  • Remote control included
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