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The Clarion NZ500 is a high end video and audio receiver and GPS.

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can be installed by anyone reasonably comfortable with a screwdriver, despite minimal instructions

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field of view for the display is narrow, from the driver's seat can look faded

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on-screen menus are difficult to figure out and navigate

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documentation is sparse and contains a number of errors

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Bluetooth microphone is external, weak voice pickup means you'll have to speak up

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frequent problems when an MP3 has been playing and the power is shut off - on start-up it will attempt to resume play, but has a hard time finding the file. Needs to be restarted

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navigation system voice-over doesn't block out Sirius radio but does with the AM/FM tuner

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The Clarion NZ500 is a high end video and audio receiver and GPS. It combines two interfaces: a graphical user interface though a retractable 7 inch LCD touchpanel, and a 12-digit blue LCD with push-button control panel for when the LCD is put away. The integrated navigation system can indicate points of interest and give directions. Bluetooth is enabled to connect to your wireless devices, and the unit fully integrates with the iPod and iPhone to allow access to your device's functions through the LCD.

The drive is compatible with DVD, CD, MP3, and WMA formats. A 24-bit D/A Converter takes extra samples from your media to create high quality sound. The AM/FM stereo is HD radio and Sirius Direct Connect ready. Audio output is run through four 40 watt channels, and an additiona 6 channels are available through 2 volt RCA outputs. 

  • 7 inch retractable LCD touchpanel display
  • 12-digit blue LCD with control panel
  • GUI through touchpanel
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth external mic optional
  • Front / Rear AUX inputs, rear USB
  • Built-in Navigation System
  • 12 Million POIs
  • Superior iPod and iPhone connectivity
  • DVD, CD, MP3, and WMA compatible
  • AM / FM stereo
  • HD Radio ready with iTunes tagging
  • Sirius Direct Connect ready
  • Rear vision camera RCA input
  • 24-bit D/A Converter
  • 4 x 40 watt power output
  • 2 volt 6 channel RCA outputs
  • Remote control included
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