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It is a 2-DIN, DVD Multimedia Station with a fully-motorized 7” touch-panel control and built-in GPS navigation system.

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installation is easy enough for entry-level users to handle

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radio gets a good signal, can catch distant stations and they sound good

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plays back a wide range of file types through the USB port

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some inaccuracies with Points of Interest

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maps don't get updated automatically

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text to speech is robotic and often poorly pronounced

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GPS is a little slow to update the vehicle's position

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presets in Sirus Radio often get lost when you power it down

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The Clarion NX509 is a 2-DIN, DVD Multimedia Station with a fully-motorized 7” touch-panel control and built-in GPS navigation system. The GPS system utilizes an efficient Clarion Mobile Map engine to host advanced navigational features, especially 3D rendering: city-maps, landmarks, elevation, etc. But most notable about the NX509 is its media flexibility. Unlike the NX409, it not only handles DVD/CD videos & music, but it is 100% compatible with MP3s, WMAs, AACs, and even DivX. This isn’t even including its inputs/outputs, per which users can hookup an iPod for video playback (CCA723 cable required) and an external MP3 player for music playback (USB). Note also that this device delivers higher-quality audio precision; it’s equipped with a 3-band parametric equalizer AND digital compression technology.

  • DVD Multimedia A/V Head Unit
  • Motorized 7” QVGA Color LCD Monitor
  • 2-Zone Entertainment: Front and Rear Separate Source Control
  • Built-In GPS Navigation
  • DVD/DivX Video Playback
  • MP3/WMA Playback (ID3-TAG)
  • iPod Connectivity (CCA723)
  • Portable Music Device (USB)
  • Sirius SSP Direct Connection Ready
  • Bluetooth Ready (BLT370)
  • OEM Steering Wheel Remote Ready
  • 24-bit D/A Converter
  • Rear Vision Camera RCA IN
  • 6ch/2V RCA Out
  • AM/FM (18/6 Presets)
  • USB Interface
  • Beat EQ 3-Band Parametric Equalizer
  • BBE MP
  • High/Low Pass Filters
  • MAGNA BASS EX Enhancement
  • Remote Control
  • 200W Built-In Amplifier
  • Video Playback: DVD-Video, DivX, iPod Video (CCA723 Cable Required)
  • Music Playback: DVD, CD, MP3, WMA, AAC USB Flash Device
  • Interface: 2-DIN, USB, Front/Rear AV, Rear Cam RCA, 6ch/2V RCA
  • D/A Converter: 24-Bit
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