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The FZ709 is an in-car A/V receiver which provides up to 200 watts of peak power from Clarion's 2009 lineup.

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A2DP Bluetooth wireless audio streaming is excellent - provides a strong, consistent connection for iDevice and smart phone streaming

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Drawbacks considered, still a worthwhile purchase at the price point - A2DP streaming support is not available at a lower price

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Hands-free call support is top-notch - pairing is established almost immediately, built in microphone provides a loud, clear voice signal

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Seems to "choke" the vehicle's existing speaker volume level - users report internal amp clipping despite having sufficient headroom

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Lack of physical buttons increases difficulty of operation - especially hard to use while driving

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Screen dimming feature is counterintuitive - dims only the darker OLED display, resulting in added distraction from the ultra-bright touch screen LEDs

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Touch screen is fairly unresponsive - usually requires multiple attempts to register a command within the unit

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Unable to store radio station presets - puts unit at a disadvantage compared to similar units from Pioneer and Kenwood

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The FZ709 is an in-car A/V receiver which provides up to 200 watts of peak power from Clarion's 2009 lineup.  The receiver is designed with a full dot OEL display with touch sensor controls for easy operation.  It supports playback of MP3, WMA, and iTunes AAC files and provides rear AUX and USB inputs with USB audio streaming for playing files directly from an MP3 player.  The receiver is an upgrade to the FZ409 since it also has built-in Bluetooth connectivity for handsfree calls and audio streaming.  The FZ709 includes a subwoofer volume control and both BBE MP and Beat EQ technology for sound adjustment and improvement.  It also features a built-in AM/FM tuner and is Satellite, steering wheel remote, and iPod video ready with the use of optional adapters.  The receiver has a suggested retail price of $350 and comes with a remote control.

  • Full Dot OEL Display
  • Touch Sensor Operation
  • Rear AUX and USB Inputs
  • USB Audio Streaming
  • Built-in Bluetooth Handsfree & Audio Streaming
  • BBE MP & Beat EQ Technology
  • Subwoofer Control
  • iPod Compatible
  • AM/FM Tuner with 24 Presets
  • Supports ID3 Tags
  • Steering Wheel Remote, Satellite, and iPod Video Ready
  • Power Output: 50 watts x 4 channels, Built-in Amplifier
  • Playback Compatibility: MP3, WMA, iTunes AAC
  • Comes with Remote Control
  • 1 year limited warranty
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