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The Clarion CZ501 is a 1-DIN expandable CD receiver.

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many high-volt preouts to support additional amps

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output is clean, clear and loud, makes the most of OEM speakers

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display makes everything clearly visible day or night

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easy to use controls after a slight learning curve

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many programmability options with the iPod, including on-the-go playlists

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easy enough to install by amateurs, don't need any special expertise

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Sirius does not always work. Sometimes it just displays "LOADING" and no sound. Sometimes there is sound but it just says "LOADING" and the song title/channel name etc do not get displaye

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Bluetooth autoconnect needs to be turned off and back on to work

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The Clarion CZ501 is a 1-DIN expandable CD receiver. This is similar to the Clarion CZ401, but doesn't come with HD radio pre-installed. A built-in Bluetooth interface has been added with a built-in microphone, and is compatible with an optional external microphone. HD Radio and Sirius Direct can both be added with optional accessories. Common features between the two models include an iPod interface through the front USB port and a front AUX input for portable media devices. Sound output runs through 4 channels at 50 watts each, and 6 pre-outs run at 4 volts each for external amplifiers and subwoofers. Built-in high and low-pass filters are built in, and audio can be further adjusted through the parametric equalizer and Beat EQ.

  • CD/USB/MP3/WMA Playback
  • Built-in Bluetooth Interface (HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP)
  • Built-in Microphone and External Microphone Ready with Optional RCB199
  • 3.5mm Audio Auxiliary Input (Front)
  • Front USB Port with iPod Direct Connect Capabilities
  • Sirius Direct Connect Ready
  • HD Radio Ready with Optional THD301
  • 50 Watts x 4 Built-in Amplifier
  • 6-Channel / 4 Volt RCA Output
  • Subwoofer Volume Control
  • Built-in High and Low-Pass Filters
  • Magna Bass EX Dynamic Bass Enhancement
  • Parametric Equalizer
  • Beat EQ for Sound Adjustment
  • OEM Steering Wheel Remote Ready
  • Wireless Remote Control Included
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