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The Clarion CZ300 is a car stereo receiver built to be as flexible as possible.

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high quality signal output makes the most of even OEM speakers

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installation is easy enough for a first time installer

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AM/FM radio reception is good, gets a clear signal consistently

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programming isn't intuitive, manual is difficult to understand

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display isn't very bright, very hard to see in daylight

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search button is difficult to press, need to hit it at the right angle

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remote control is difficult to work, needs to be pointed directly at the sensor

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buttons are small and difficult to find while driving

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The Clarion CZ300 is a car stereo receiver built to be as flexible as possible. The features are identical to the CZ500, but a hands-free microphone is not included. This is an upgrade from the CZ100 and CZ200 in that it is HD radio ready, capable of receiving at superior quality and displaying helpful information. You can also tag songs you like to be downloaded to your iPod at a later date. It includes an adapter cable for use with your iPod or iPhone for full integration, and has a rear USB cable to connect with a memory stick of MP3 or WMA files. There is also a cable to easily connect an XM Direct 2 tuner.

Bluetooth is enabled to allow for complete use of your cellphone hands-free. The CD player can also handle data disks with MP3 and WMA files. Outputs work through four channels of 45 watts, and there are an additional four 2 volt RCA outputs. Equalization is handled through three presets, and there is a low pass filter for the subwoofer.

  • LCD - 13 x 10 single-line
  • iPod and iPhone connect with USB
  • iPod adapter cable included
  • HD Radio Ready with iTunes Tagging
  • XM Direct 2 Tuner Ready
  • Rear USB
  • AM / FM stereo
  • Bluetooth ready
  • AUX input
  • 3 preset equalization patterns
  • Low pass filter for subwoofer
  • CD / MP3 / WMA compatible
  • Steering wheel remote ready
  • 4 x 45 watt power output
  • 2 volt 4 channel RCA outputs
  • Remote control included 
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