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The Clarion NZ501 is a high-end GPS made for automobile use.

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I can't wait for this deck to come out. The NZ500 is nice, but only has 2V output and no filters. This one has it all.

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The Clarion NZ501 is a high-end GPS made for automobile use. This GPS unit has many A/V receiver-style functions, including DVD playback capability for its seven inch digital touch panel display. This seven inch display, as well as exterior design, is what differentiates this GPS unit from the identically priced NX501, which has only a 6.2 inch display. Besides these details the two GPS units have the same specs, including the Magna Bass EX Dynamic Bass Enhancement and Parametric Equalizer, for optimized frequencies when you are playing CDs, MP3s or WMA files. Another shared feature is the text to speech GPS function, which allows you to keep your eyes on the road while you receive directions. Also on the GPS side of things, both these receivers come with fifteen million points of interest loaded (mostly in North America), so that you can find the worthwhile spots when you take trips.  

  • 7" Digital Touch Panel WVGA Touch Panel LCD Monitor
  • CD/MP3/WMA/DVD Playback
  • Built-in Parrot Bluetooth Interface (HFP, HSP, OPP, A2DP, AVRCP, DUN, PBAP)
  • Built-in Microphone and External Microphone Ready with Optional RCB199
  • 2 Audio/Video Inputs (Front 3.5mm, Rear RCA)
  • 2-Zone Entertainment: Front and Rear Separate Source Control
  • Rear USB Port w/ iPod Direct Connect Capabilities
  • iPod Audio/Video Control w/ Optional CCA748 iPod Interface Cable
  • Rear Vision Camera Composite Video Input
  • Built-in SiRFprima GPS Receiver featuring TeleAtlas Mapping Coverage of US 50 States, Canada, and Puerto Rico on Preloaded Micro SD Card
  • 15 Million Points of Interest
  • Text to Speech for Street Announcements
  • Sirius Direct Connect Ready
  • HD Radio Ready w/ Optional THD400
  • 50 Watts x 4 Built-in Amplifier
  • 8-Channel/4 Volt RCA Output (2-Channels Rear Zone)
  • Subwoofer Volume Control
  • Built-in High and Low-Pass Filters
  • Magna Bass EX Dynamic Bass Enhancement and Parametric Equalizer
  • Beat EQ for Sound Adjustment
  • OEM Steering Wheel Remote Ready
  • Wireless Remote Control Included
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The Provider Mr. Ruiz
02/20/2011 04:48

the clarion nz501 will be coming out to stores by the middle of march 2011 or the ending of march 2011 on demand!!!

The Provider Mr. Ruiz
02/20/2011 04:40

i already pre ordered this exact unit, the 2011 clarion nz501 model through crutchfield for $799.99. i was a bit upset cause they had it on sale for $499.99 1 day before i had the cash to make my pre order but i lost out on the price but the clarion nz501 looks sick in a good way and i believe clarion fixed all the issues that people where having and complaining with about the nz500 in regards to GPS, and bluetooth issues and having to do frequent resets on the unit. i was going to go for the nz500 but i googled the unit and seen too many complaints as well as many people not having these problems like most are claiming. i will be making a youtube video review of the unboxing of the clarion nz501 and the features it has after i get the unit delivered and i install it. im replacing a very reliable jensen vm9311ts which is now starting to give up by skipping songs or fast fowarding cd tracks randomly and skipping radio stations with out me moving the knobs. but ive had this unit for 5 1/2 years and never had a problem with it till now. but now it will be retiring when i get the clarion nz501!!!! keep your eye out on youtube for the clarion nz501 review by me hopefully i can be the first to give you a real good review about the unit, i will be showing you what it can do as well as the largest usb flash drive it can use to play MP4 movie formats and WMA and MP3 formated music as well.

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