Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-These performance knives are ideal piece set includes 3-inch Peeler, 3-1/4-inch Parer, 5-inch Utility.

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Fusion collection has professional high-carbon stainless steel forged blades with black comfort-grip poly handles. These performance knives are ideal for the everyday cook that is looking to do things more skillfully.

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  • Professional high carbon stainless steel forged blades with black comfort grip poly handles
  • Exclusive taper grind edge technology provides optimum sharpness for precise cutting and is easy to resharpen
  • High carbon stainless steel creates a stronger harder blade resisting stains rust and pitting
  • Black nonslip cushion grip handles allow for a sturdy grip on all knives
  • Stainless steel plates at the end of the handle convey sleek and contemporary styling
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these knives dishwasher safe?

    It is not recommended to dishwash sharp knives. They can easily cut you when pulling out the silverware, the edges get dulled from vibrating against other silverware/dishes, and the chemicals in the soap can stain them. The misinformation - There is no loss of temper in the dishwasher. Stainless steel is typically annealed at 1900 F and has a "sensitization" range between 800 and 1500 F where the chromium (the element that makes it stainless) combines with the carbon and leaving the metal more likely to "stain." My dishwasher is no way capable in any form of reaching these temperatures! The edges are lost to rust. Unless you have a carbon steel knife, this is unlikely as most knives are made out of stainless steel that does not rust.

  • Are the steak knives serrated?

    No, they aren't. They do a great job, though. Very sharp.

  • Which one would you use to carve meat? Which one should i use to carve a roast beef or a rack of lamb?

    Use your longest knife to slice/carve meat. There is a 7 3/4" chef's knife with this set as well as an 8" slicer (which is what you would probably want to use for most carving situations), Use long strokes while pushing down slightly on the meat. You want the slicing action to do most of the cutting, not the pressure from your arm. The chef's knife would probably be best for cutting vegetables and fruits. The added heft will help drive the blade through these more resilient and fibrous foods. Paring knives are generally used for peeling or making small detailed cuts. I sometimes use it when I mince garlic, although more often than not I now reach for a rasp (Microplane) and grate the garlic into the dish. The paring knife is also good to give to someone who is new in the kitchen and/or is intimidated by the chef's knifes.

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