General Motors is one of the biggest companies in the world selling millions of cars globally under a swath of different brands.

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General Motors is one of the biggest companies in the world selling millions of cars globally under a swath of different brands. The Aveo marketed under the Chevrolet brand is a recent entry to the subcompact field by GM to compete with offerings by Honda and Toyota in the Fit and Yaris respectively. Created by GM's Korean subsidiary Daewoo the Aveo is available in almost all markets around the world, though it comes in different names. In North America the Aveo is available as a 4-door sedan, and a 5-door hatchback known as the Aveo5. The Aveo5 comes in the low-priced Special Value trim, and an upgraded LS trim. while the Aveo sedan is offered in a base LS trim and the higher end LT trim.

For 2007, the Aveo has undergone significant changes from 2006 increasing the quality of material in the interior, and expanding the overall size of the car. However, the car is still built on the same fundamental architecture and design as the 2006 model. While some of the other manufacturers have opted for sportier styles and handling, Chevrolet intends the Aveo to provide a more comfortable ride with a "big car" feel. Also sold as the Pontiac Wave and Suzuki Swift.

All North American models are powered by the same 1.6 liter four cylinder engine that produces 103 horsepower. All models also offer the same five speed manual transmission as standard, or an optional four speed automatic transmission.

Despite the hatchback nature of the Aveo5 the amount of cargo space with the rear seats up is actually less than the sedan's cargo space with the Aveo5 coming in at 7.0 cubic feet, and the sedan at 12.4 cubic feet. With the rear seats folded down, with the 60/40 split, the amount of cargo space in the 5-door increases to 42.0 cubic feet.

Difference in trims

Aveo5 Special Value ($10,560) - The base model for the Aveo5 contains very little extra features with no air conditioning. Runs on 14 inch steel wheels, and contains a four speaker stereo system. On the safety side front and side airbags are standard with anti-lock brakes being optional.

Aveo5 LS ($12,425) - Adds various features such as air conditioning.

Aveo LS ($12,575) - Shares many of the same features as the Aveo5 LS and upgrades the stereo system to add an auxiliary input jack to speaker system for mp3 player playback.

Aveo LT ($14,075) - Wheels are upgraded to 15" aluminum. Cruise control, remote keyless entry, power windows are all added features. And the stereo system gets two more speakers with CD playback.

Safety Ratings
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ratings (IIHS)
Front crash test - Acceptable
Side impact test - Marginal

National Highway Safety Traffic Association (NHTSA)
Front crash driver's side - 5 stars
Front crash passenger's side - 4 stars
Side crash front seat - 4 stars
Side crash rear seat - 3 stars
Rollover - 4 stars
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09/14/2010 12:17

Cars are essential in our day to day living. Fuel efficient ones are more in demand. Since the 1970s, sales of subcompacts have taken off. Ever since then, the domestic automakers have been trying to get a share of that market. Small but inexpensive vehicles that sip from the gas tank have largely been the domain of Honda and Toyota. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler have been trying to rain on that parade for decades. There are two fuel efficient and easy on the wallet cars coming out fairly soon, being the Chevy Cruze and revamped Ford Motors Focus. Both vehicle makers appear to be poised for aggressive marketing of those models.

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