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The Channel Master CM-7000 is a DTV converter box.

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Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

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S-Video Out

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Digital Audio and S-Video Out

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Great tuner can pull in stations other boxes miss

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Analog pass-through

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Control buttons on box (in addition to remote)

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Rated in the top category for picture quality by the leading consumer magazine

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Doesn't actually output HD like the box says it does.

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Still $30 with government coupon

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doesn't have analog pass-through

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I sell the product. The box doesn't say it has HD output.

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The Channel Master CM-7000 is a DTV converter box. DTV converters allow analog TVs to watch digital channels. On February 17th, 2009, all broadcast TV in the U.S. becomes digital, at which point anybody with an analog TV that receives TV via "rabit ear" or similar antennaes will require a DTV converter to continue watch broadcast TV. The Channel Master CM-7000 is eligable for a $40 government coupon.

Government Coupon

 The. U.S. government has a coupon program in place that allows each household to get two $40 coupons that can be put towards a DTV converter, such as this one. Each household can get up to two coupons. Coupons must be ordered from the government at the DTV transition website. This coupon effectively makes the cost of this converter box $30.

Get-Free HD Claim

The box claims that the converter box will provide with "free HD-TV with no monthly fees." The box has no monthly fees, although it does not actually output an HD signal. It only outputs 480i, whereas HD is 720p or higher.

  • Rotator friendly Channel Scanning
  • Aspect-Ratio Control
  • Composite or S-Video Out
  • RCA Stereo Audio Out
  • Auto-sleep function
  • Electronic Program Guide - 12 hrs
  • Includes Remote
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03/30/2009 02:31

FYI: Currently 47.99 +9.95 shipping at SolidSignal
59.95 at Amazon, but shipping is free if you choose super saver

03/29/2009 11:05

Among the group of boxes rated as having the highest picture quality by the leading consumer magazine. As of 3/28/2009, it was the only one it that same group that had S-Video output.  When using the S-Video output, it was judged as having the best video quality of all boxes tested (which was a big group and included all of the top models that I have seen here).

In the many user feedback reviews that I now have read; whenever there was a user that had owned several different brands/models and compared them using the same location, antenna, TV, etc; there were two models mentioned far and away more than any others as being able to get significantly more stations than their other boxes - The Zenith DTT901 and the Channel Master CM-7000.

08/15/2008 07:26

excellent picture quality, no APT[don't care], very sensitive tuner, i receive channels 100 miles away

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