The Chamberlain Power Drive model PD210D is a mid-grade garage door opener system that includes the chain drive.

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 The Chamberlain Power Drive model PD210D is a mid-grade garage door opener system that includes the chain drive, wall-mountable control panel and single switch remotes, and a single vehicle remote control. The PD210 garage door opener system is HomeLink compatible; and includes a 1/2 HP motor. Chamberlain claims the device includes a "quick install" rail system that can be installed in a relatively short amount of time. A 100 watt lamp is integrated into the chain drive and automatically kicks on each time the device is activated. The PD210D model also includes built-in security features and technology to protect consumers from being injured by a closing garage door.

The Chamberlain PD210D model garage door opener includes a "Protector System" safety sensor kit with infrared sensors which mount in the doorway and halt the device motor if the line of sight between sensors is broken. Additional device security features include a unique anti-burglary code system that refreshes the open code sent by the remote control to the main control panel and device each time it is used, a manual release handle in the event of power failures and a "PosiLock" theft system that keeps the garage door closed and locked when down. The PD210D Power Drive garage door opener also comes with a 6 year warranty for the motor.

  • Mid-grade Garage Door Opener System
  • Includes
    • Chain Drive with 1/2 HP motor
    • Wall-mountable Control Panel
    • Wall-mountable Single Button Panel
    • In-vehicle/Portable Remote Control
    • Protector System Safety Sensors (Infrared)
  • 100 watt Automatic Lamp
  • Safety Features
    • "Protector System" Infrared Sensors
    • Anti-burglary Code System for Remote Control
    • Manual Release Handle
    • PosiLock Garage Door Locking System
  • Dark Blue Chamberlain Body Finish and Matching Panels/Remote Control
  • 6 Year Motor Warranty
  • Chain Drive Weight: 38 pounds
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