The Cerwin Vega VE-15F are a pair of middle-end floorstanding speakers.

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The Cerwin Vega VE-15F are a pair of middle-end floorstanding speakers. They are designed to enhance the audio systems of electronic devices such as home theater systems. They feature a 1 1/4" Silver Mylar Tweeter (with ferro fluid), a 26Hz to 20kHz response time, and a 400 watt power capacity. The Silver Mylar Tweeter enables the speakers to reproduce sounds at high frequencies. The Tweeter includes ferro fluid technology in order to augment the audio quality, as well as making the speakers more efficient. The VE-15F has a frequency response time of 26Hz to 20kHz, ensuring that the speakers can be accurate in their sound, and ensuring the user of the quality of their performance. The 400 watt power capacity give the VE-15F a large amount of power, letting them play audio at loud volumes. When compared to another set of Cerwin Vega speakers, the VE-12F, the VE-15F has several aspects that are superior. They have a higher watt capacity (400 watts compared to 300 watts) and a better frequency response time (26Hz to 20kHz compared to 28Hz to 20kHz).

  • 1 1/4" Silver Mylar Tweeter
  • Ferro fluid technology
  • 26Hz to 20kHz frequency response time
  • 400 watt power capacity
  • 5 1/4" midrange
  • Fiber impregnated cone
  • Self resetting
  • Black ash enclosure
  • 95 dB sensitivity
  • 3-way speaker design
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