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The CCM U+ Pro Stick is an upper mid-cost offering.

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excellent energy transfer, great for fast passes

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nice touch on the puck, gives good feedback

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light enough to allow all of your power to go into making shots instead of holding the stick

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blade is compression-molded, very responsive

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just enough weight to help with follow-through

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uses the traditional geometry, allowing instant pickup and play without needing to get used to it

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direct smacking against other sticks at faceoff will eventually break the stick, possibly the very first time

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The CCM U+ Pro Stick is an upper mid-cost offering. The geometry of this stick is contoured for optimum performance and comfort. The blade of the U+ Pro Stick is advance compression molded, with a foam core and carbon bridge. This design allows for soft, precise handling while at the same time providing stiffness for powerful shots. This stick has a super lightweight carbon shaft geared toward optimizing energy transfer. The U+ Pro Stick has a true taper which is consistent, and makes for better quick shots. This stick differs from the lower cost U+ CL model in that it has a more solid feel (thanks to its higher weight), as well as more flex options. This stick differs from the higher cost U+ Octolight Stick in that the U+ Octolight stick weighs five grams less, has Nano composite reinforcement in its shaft, as well as an 8-sided taper and low kick point (which makes for quick unloading of the puck with less effort). The CCM U+ Pro Stick has flex/curve options. 

  • Weight: 455 grams
  • Hollow point system energy transfer shaft
  • 100% ultra low aerial unidirectional super lightweight carbon fiber shaft
  • 360 degree interlaced fully woven wrap balance
  • Contoured geometry
  • Spray grip
  • 24" true taper
  • Advance compression molded blade w/ foam core and carbon bridge
  • 100% pre-preg blade
  • Color: Black/Red
Flex/Curve Options
  • STIFF 100 60" OVI- LEC- TAV
  • REG 85 60" OVI-LEC-TAV-THO
  • MED 75 58" OVI-LEC-TAV
  • LIGHT 65 57" OVI-TAV (Grip only)
  • JUNIOR 50" OVI-LEC-TAV (Grip only)
  • YOUTH 35 46" OVI
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