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The CCM V05 is a mid-grade pair of ice skates designed specifically for the game of Hockey.

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durable design can handle a lot of abuse without any problems

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reasonably light weight, won't pull you down too badly

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good protection for the feet, excellent around the toe box

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easy to maneuver for quick reversals and good precision

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comfortable fit, can push hard and feet won't get sore

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can work up a lot of speed with them

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a bit ugly looking, not very sporty or sleek

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The CCM V05 is a mid-grade pair of ice skates designed specifically for the game of Hockey. The V05 model is part of CCM's Vector series skates, and borrows a body form factor from CCM's U+ Pro series. The CCM V05 model comes available in both Senior and Junior sizes which are for adults and teens.

The CCM V05 model ice skate pair includes a protective outer plastic shell known as "Vectorarmour II", apparently the shell on this model includes an upgrade from the V03 model which was outfitted with the original "Vectorarmour". The outer shell is meant to protect the user's feet from both ice blades and serious contact with other players. The CCM V05 model also includes a "quick drying" microfiber inner liner which is meant to stay dry during rigorous activity, and a unique conforming foot-bed that shapes to the users foot under warm conditions. A large style felt tongue protects the lower shin and keeps it warm during use.

It is also worth noting that the CCM V05 model is adorned with the "Vector Graphic" outer design; the design can also be seen on most of CCM's U+ Pro series and Vector series ice skates.

  • Mid-Grade Ice Skate Pair
  • Designed Specifically for Hockey
  • Varying Sizes Available (See Below)
  • "Vectorarmour II" Outer Plastic Shell
  • "Quick Drying" Microfiber Inner Liner
  • Conforming Foot-bed Cavity
  • Large Style Felt Tongue
Available Sizes
  • Senior
    • 6-12 D,E F/H
  • Junior
    • 1-5.5 D,E F/H
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