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The CCM V03 is a mid-grade pair of ice skates designed specifically for Hockey players.

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Reinforced toe and ankle areas are highly durable - last longer than competitor models from Bauer and Easton

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Lightweight and comfortable - great for offensive players who are constantly on the move during gameplay

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Inner sockliner effectively reduces wetness - redirects excess moisture for sufficient comfort throughout a full-length hockey game

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Blades are seemingly prone to curvature - may need to be straightened on a regular basis

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Soft metal components are not ideal for rigorous players - users can expect burrs somewhat frequently

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Cowling area lacks protection - pucks, sticks and skates taken to the side of the skate can cause extreme pain

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Stock blades are too long for most players in relation to boot size - will likely need to be profiled for better control

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The CCM V03 is a mid-grade pair of ice skates designed specifically for Hockey players. The V03 model is part of CCM's V series skates which borrows a similar body style from the U+ Pro series. The V03 pair includes size options for Adults (Senior), teens (Junior) and children (Youth).

The CCM V03 model ice skate pair is manufactured with several different protective layers. An outer light plastic shell is designed to protect the user's feet from sharp blades and abrasive contact; CCM calls this outer plastic shell "Vectorarmour". The CCM V03 also includes an inner "Cambrelle" material liner which is meant to absorb sweat and create a warm dry shoe cavern for the user's feet. Additional V03 body options include an extended felt tongue, and 10" stainless steel runner blades.

  • Mid-grade Ice Skate Pair
  • Designed Specifically for Hockey
  • Varying Sizes Available (See Below)
  • Protective "Vectorarmour" Light Plastic Outer Shell
  • Cloth Material "Cambrelle" Inner Liner
  • Extended Felt Tongue
  • 10" Stainless Steel Blades
Available Sizes
  • Senior
    • 6-12 D,E F/H
  • Junior
    • 1-5.5 D,E F/H
  • Youth
    • 8-13 D FULL
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