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Scientific Calculator with 2-Line Natural Textbook Display.

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Fraction, decimal, and square-root displays are useful and change with one button

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Inexpensive, all-around algebra calculator

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Sufficient for high school and early university students

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Glitch in calculation-based displays of significant digits

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Lacks more advanced math features (e.g. complex numbers)

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Manual and support for this model are lacking

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Scientific Calculator with 2-Line Natural Textbook Display. The natural textbook display shows formula and results exactly as they appear in the textbook. Other features include
  • Easy menu function
  • Table function
  • List-based STAT Data Editior
  • Fraction functions
  • Accurate 10 Digit, 10 + 2 display
  • 1 independent & 6 constant memories
  • Slide-on hard case
  • Multi-replay function
  • Solar Plus - protects memory no matter what the lighting conditions

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Only North America

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Some Guy
11/28/2010 08:46

Th"e [EXP]" button your talking about is the "x(white box_superscript)" next to the x-squared and underneath the navigation button.

09/07/2010 12:46

No there IS NO "[EXP]" BUTTON on the Casio FX-300ES Scientific Calculator.
AND the supposed replacement for it "10^x" button is NOT equivilent.
Just try to calculate 4.18844x10^-4 / 2.324423x10^-5 = and see what answer you get, IT WILL NOT BE CORRECT!
This would be correct if the calculator had a proper [EXP] button, which represent inherently x10^x.
4.18844[EXP]-4 / 2.34423[EXP]-5 will give the correct answer, IF this calculator only had that button.
To get the correct answer using this calculator you will have to input it like this:
(4.18844x10^-4)/(2.324423x10^-5) =
This is amazing and outrageous, considering this is supposed to be scientific calculator, you cannot even enter numbers naturally in scientific notation, you have use parenthesis and tricks and double check to make sure they are all there, or you will get the wrong answer.

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