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The Exilim EX-Z800 is a high-quality compact digital camera from Casio.

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compact - easily fits in your palm, quite pocketable

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records to easy to find, affordable and capacious SD/SDHC/SDXC flash storage

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capable of recording video in 720p/24 high definition

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sensor shift image stabilization

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good build quality despite being plastic

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fast continuous shooting - 4 fps with no limit to the number of shots taken

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affordable price point

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available in 6 colours

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unremarkable point & shoot offering

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somewhat slow lens (F/3.2 - 5.9) poorer for use in low light

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The Exilim EX-Z800 is a high-quality compact digital camera from Casio that offers a step-down from the company's Exilim EX-S200 model. Featuring a 4-times ultra-wide standard zoom and a 6-times "super-resolution" zoom, this model aims to provide increased clarity on heavily magnified shots by reducing blur and pixelation. 14-megapixel still-life capability provides superior imagery, with an "Premium Auto" feature that pre-arranges lighting and contrast levels by looking at what is included in a given shot. The camera can also capture high-definition video content up to 720p, and features a similar auto-tailoring function via its "1-Button-Video" service. Once completed, videos can be edited and optimized for online hosting through the EX-Z800's YouTube capture mode, with immediate upload available once an internet connection is established. Built-in image stabilization technology helps to reduce blur and fuzziness for moving pictures and action shots, and the "Dynamic Photo e-Greeting" service allows users to shoot and create occasion-themed e-cards ready for web distribution. The camera also includes a voice recording function in addition to SD memory card support to supplement the 14.5 megabytes of internal memory. 

  • Available in Yellow, Light Blue, Light Pink, Black, Hot Pink and Silver colors
  • 14.1-megapixels
  • 2.7-inch LCD display
  • 4x optical zoom
  • 6x single SR zoom
  • 720p HD video recording
  • Dynamic Photo animated e-greeting application
  • Face detection technology
  • Youtube Capture mode
  • Premium Auto mode
  • Make-Up mode
  • 26-milimeter Wide Angle lens
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