The new EXILIM EX-Z5 is the perfect companion for the summer.

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The new EXILIM EX-Z5 is the perfect companion for the summer. With its matt-brushed, black surface it is a well-designed eye-catcher in every situation. At the same time the easy-to-handle digital camera convinces due to its simple operability and innovative EXILIM technologies. Users appreciate the 5 mega-pixel resolution with 3x optical zoom for fantastic photo quality, as well as the 2.5-inch TFT color display to view the photo motifs in comfort.

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11/03/2006 02:43

A red one would be cool, I don't know what you're talking about!

11/03/2006 01:11

here is a link to the Casio Exilim site: for the EX-70, find it under the "Browse Camera" menu

11/03/2006 01:05

I went to Futureshop and BestBuy to look for a new digital camera since my current one has gone kaput since i dropped it on concrete. I really like the EX-Z70 (newer, 7.2MP version of this model, aesthetically-similar to this model), and was looking to buy a black version of it. Unfortunately, the black models seem to be hard to come by as they are popular. Futureshop had a red one for $269, and BestBuy had a silver one for $300. I almost convinced myself that colour doesnt matter, but I just know if I got the red one I would be annoyed every time i shoot a photo...and the silver one is good but is it $30 better...anyways, i am on the lookout for the black one--let me know if you see one around (the EX-Z70 model).

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