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The Casio WK-500 is a piano keyboard workstation with a 76 key layout.

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comes with a large library of tones and rhythms

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small footprint - easily fits into smaller rooms

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Much lighter than the WK 3700

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keys - feels like a real piano

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the built-in speakers sound good

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great for beginners - includes several different song books

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the control buttons have difficult to read labels

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not compatible with third party pedals

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the snare/bass drums don't sound as good when compared to the rest of the instruments

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comes with a short power cord

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doesn't include a pedal in the box

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Auto accompaniment not as advanced as the WK 3700

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The Casio WK-500 is a piano keyboard workstation with a 76 key layout. This is a simplified version of the Casio WK-3800, and while it doesn't have a large internal memory or as large of a library of available tones, it still has enough high end features to be useful to experienced users as well as beginners. Line outputs allow a direct connection to a PA system, and inputs from a line source or microphone enable 10 second sampling. MIDI interface is available through a USB port, and songs can be saved to an SD card. New users can learn to play with the Step-up Lesson System.

  • 76 Piano Style
  • Touch sensitive keys
  • 670 Tones
  • 48 note Polyphony
  • 200 Rhythms
  • Pitch wheel
  • 152 Tunes
  • 5 Songs
  • USB MIDI Interface
  • SD Card Slot
  • Step Up Lesson System with Voice Guide and Scoring
  • MP3 Player Input with 10 second sampling
  • Line inputs/outputs, mic inputs
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