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The Casio WK-3800 is a workstation piano keyboard.

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keys are touch sensitive, good response to your input

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lots of tones with many optional effects, good versatility

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ideal for a beginner, easy to learn how to use

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audio output through the speakers is loud and clear, leaves nothing to be desired

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heavy/bulky construction makes it difficult to move out of the room much less to a performance

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menus are difficult to use, hard to navigate

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keys have a distinctly artificial feel, not weighted like a regular piano

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most of the drum patterns aren't very useful or appealing

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The Casio WK-3800 is a workstation piano keyboard. This is aimed at experienced keyboardists, and provides a complete 76 key layout with full-sized, touch sensitive keys that can play in 32-note polyphony. MIDI interface is built in, and a sequencer allows several tracks to be layered on top of one another. The USB port enables MIDI work, and it can also be used to download more sounds, rhythms and complete songs from the Internet through a PC. Storage of sounds and songs can be handled through a floppy disk drive, an SD card slot, or to the keyboard's internal memory. Basic line in and line out ports are also available. Over 894 tones are built in by default, and pitch bend and modulation wheels enable effects to be layered in real time.

  • 76 Full-Size keys
  • 32-note Polyphony
  • Touch Sensitive
  • Genernal MIDI
  • Sequencer
  • 894 Tones
  • 182 Rhythms
  • DSP/Reverb/Chorus/EQ Digital Effects
  • Backlit LCD
  • Advanced ZPI Chip
  • Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels
  • Line In/Out, USB Port
  • Floppy Disk Drive, Internal memory, SD slot
  • Sound, Rhythm and Song expansion by Internet download
  • CD Rom, AD-12 Power Supply Included
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