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The Casio WK-200 is a low-cost keyboard aimed at students.

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Great sampling abilities--numerous slots for melodic and rhythm-based samples.

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Limited arpeggiator--something not often seen at this price point.

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Decent stringed instrument voices--while some are merely passable (guitar), others are excellent (upright bass).

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Keys have a good weight, are comfortable for those accustomed to real piano keys.

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Great features and specs for this price range.

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USB MIDI functionality allows for two-way MIDI traffic--software can be used to trigger on-board sounds.

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Very realistic piano tones, electric and acoustic.

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String ensemble voices are unconvincing, generally sound quite poor.

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The Casio WK-200 is a low-cost keyboard aimed at students. It features 76 standard-sized keys, and includes a Step-up Lesson system to help train newer keyboardists. The touch-sensitive keys can be adjusted to two levels of sensitivity, and there are 570 onboard tones. A number of accompaniment options are available, including 180 background rhythms and reverb effects. A number of chorus digital effects are also available for artistic expression. Audio inputs allow for sampling, although the system memory is limited to 10 seconds. A USB port is available for MIDI work.

  • 76 standard-sized keys
  • Touch Sensitive Keyboard
  • 570 total onboard Tones
  • 180 Rhythms and Reverb
  • Chorus Digital Effects
  • Step-up Lesson System
  • Audio inputs for a MP3 player, Mic input
  • 10 seconds of sampling
  • USB port for MIDI
  • Dimensions: 46 3/4 x 15 3/4 x 6 1/8 in
  • Weight: 15.9 lbs (without batteries)
  • Power: 9V DC, 6 D-size batteries, AC Adaptor, Auto Power Off
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