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The Casio WK-110 is a low-cost keyboard built with 76 full-sized keys.

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Step-by-step lesson program is helpful for beginners, teaches 100 songs

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Very low price for the features and sounds

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Lightweight and portable

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Sturdy construction makes it fairly child-proof

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USB port allows this model to double as a digital controller

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Good-sounding variation of tones

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Bundled USB/MIDI drivers only compatible with Windows

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Keys may crackle a bit after heavy use

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Keys are not weighted very much

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The Casio WK-110 is a low-cost keyboard built with 76 full-sized keys. This keyboard is built with a basic feature set, and although it doesn't use many of the more advanced features found in later models it does include a USB port to connect to a PC for expansion of the internal tone library. It comes with 515 sounds, and a DL sound source is used for high quality tones including a stereo sampled piano tone. A number of digital effects are available, including 4 types of reverb and 4 types of chorus. They keys are touch responsive, allowing strong or light tones to be expressed on the fly. A number of lesson functions are available to help train the user, and a voice fingering guide is included. The system is also capable of recording and storing songs.

  • 76 piano-style keys
  • 32-Note Polyphony
  • 515 High-quality sounds
  • HL sound source
  • Digital effects for richer sounds (reverb: 4 types, chorus: 4 types)
  • Touch response for full musical expression
  • Registration memory (4sets ×8 banks)
  • Multiple lesson functions
  • 3-Step Lesson
  • Scoring System
  • Voice Fingering Guide
  • Song Memory
  • USB port for easy connection to a computer
  • Internet Data Expansion System
  • Bundled CD Rom
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