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The Casio CTK-5000 is a keyboard that uses a 61 piano key layout.

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manual is well designed to get you started without overwhelming you with information

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audio output is loud and clear, perfect for practice or small gigs

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touch sensitive keys work well for experienced keyboardists

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screen is clear and easy to read, layout tells you everything you might want to know at a quick glance

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plenty of functions for a wide variety of playing styles

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comes with 100s of sample songs and voices, great for learning how to work with a keyboard

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light and compact enough to be brought from one place to another without too much effort

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power adapter not included, can only run it on batteries initially

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The Casio CTK-5000 is a keyboard that uses a 61 piano key layout. This is the top of the Casio CTK line, and is the first to offer line outputs. This and a tone library that has been expanded from the Casio CTK-4000 make the keyboard useful to experienced players as well as new users. There are now a total of 670 onboard tones, enabling a wide variety of sounds to be played. The pitch wheel from the Casio CTK-3000 has been brought back here as well, providing fine-grain control of the pitch on the fly. The library of rhythms and digital effects has been expanded to 200, and includes reverb and chorus effects. The standard features of the series are included as well, such as the Step-up Lesson System to help new users learn how to play and audio inputs for digital sampling. A USB port has been included for interaction with MIDI devices.

  • 61 Key layout
  • Touch Sensitive Keyboard
  • 670 total onboard Tones
  • 200 Rhythms and Reverb plus Chorus Digital Effects
  • Step-up Lesson System
  • Audio inputs for a MP3 player
  • Pitch wheel
  • Line Outputs
  • USB port for MIDI
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