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For a time during the 90s adventure games, made predominantly by Lucas Arts, were one of the most well regarded group of titles.

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Great cartoon-like graphics and animation

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Innovative use of Wiimote

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Charming story and characters

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Frustrating trial and error design

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More difficult than cutesy setting implies

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For a time during the 90s adventure games, made predominantly by Lucas Arts, were one of the most well regarded group of titles. After the 90s these kind of games fell by the wayside, but now Capcom is using many of the same design elements in their first original Wii exclusive title, Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. You take control of Zack, a pirate boy with big dreams, as he and his partner - a flying helicopter monkey - search for Captain Barbaros' treasure to gain fame and fortune. The quest is split up into 20 separate levels, each ending with a treasure chest containing one of the pieces necessary to complete the quest.


Each level in the game involves completing a series of puzzles to gain access to the level's end prize, mostly a treasure chest. Puzzles involve using a variety of movable items, and environmental objects to remove the obstacles that stand in Zack's way. The entire game is played with only the Wiimote. Zack is controlled indirectly by pointing the IR sensor at an item or location that you want Zack to travel to, and he'll walk/run there automatically. Items are picked up by pointing and clicking while Zack is standing next to them.

Mini-games play a predominant role as many of the puzzles are solved by using the Wiimote in a variety of ways. Most of the puzzles involve you using the Wiimote to emulate real world actions, such as casting a fishing line, sawing a tree, or pounding a hammer. After completing a level you will be scored on the time it took, the number of hint tickets you use, and lives you lose - the latter two can be purchased in a lobby between levels. Levels can be replayed to improve your score, but there is no online mode or leader boards of any kind.


The setting takes cues from western pirate themes, and mixes in Capcom's own Japanese mix. Zack finds a golden skull of Captain Barbaros' that instructs him to find the rest of Barbaros' golden skeleton to gain access to his treasure. Zack also meets up with a band of Sea Rabbits that have their own flying air ship.

Character speaking is done similar to the Zelda games where the characters make short grunts while the text of their words is displayed on screen. And similar to Zelda all of the cutscenes are rendered in real-time using the game's cell shaded graphics engine.

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Special K
07/06/2008 06:30

This game is pretty fun. It's a nice break from the standard style game that seems to come out. Reminds me of a mix of Maniac Mansion (Day of the Tentacle) and Lemmings.

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