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Super Street Fighter IV is a 2010 fighting game from Capcom.

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Arcade Edition introduces balance tweaks to all fighters - makes for a better competitive experience overall

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Arcade Edition can be added as an online update - doesn't have to be purchased as a separate game

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adds 10 new characters and selectable ultras

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no challenge mode for the new characters - makes it more difficult to learn their moves / fighting styles

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plays and feels exactly like Street Fighter IV - not a good upgrade for non-devotees

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dumb idea to introduce an additional Arcade Edition on-top of Super

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Super Street Fighter IV is a 2010 fighting game from Capcom. As an updated version of 2008’s Street Fighter IV, this “Super” edition adds additional characters, costumes and combos. A total of ten characters have been added to the original lineup, allowing players to choose between a total of 35 unlocked characters. Two of these characters (“Juri” and “Hakan”) are new to the series. All characters in Super Street Fighter IV feature at least two Ultra Combos, and each of the characters returning from the original game feature an additional costume. Several new online modes have also been introduced, including 8-player Team Battle, Replay Channel and Endless Mode. Replay Channel allows players to view and save replays from other online players, while Endless Mode allows the winner to play against a rotating group of up to eight players. Super Street Fighter IV is available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

  • 35 Unlocked Characters
  • New Characters “Juri” and “Hakan”
  • Additional Ultra Combos
  • Additional Costumes
  • 8-Player Team Battle Mode
  • Replay Channel Mode
  • Endless Mode
  • Downloadable Content
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02/25/2011 04:18

Ever since I played this game at E3 2010 I've been anticipating it. It's just so much damn fun. I know that it can be overwhelming to beginner players new to fighters. But for a fighting game fan like me, the fast paced visceral action, and the ebb and flow that happens during the course of a match is really satisfying.

This game puts less emphasis on strict technical timing when performing combos like with #super_street_fighter_iv and more on the overall strategies you employ. Yes the professionals that can do crazy long combo strings will have an advantage, but you can still make it pretty far by using "bread and butter" combos that do quite a bit of damage.

I like the game so much in fact that I'm going to be playing in some tournaments... well I'll try to anyway. Here's a couple of videos of my first foray into "serious" gaming.

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