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A blend of eastern and western influences, Lost Planet pits humans against humans against giant insect against environment.

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Massively sized enemies

5 agree

Grappling hook is unique and fun

4 agree

Huge explosion effects

4 agree

Graphics are exceptional

4 agree

Online multiplayer is a lot of fun with many game types

3 agree

good variety of mechanized units and mech/personal weapons

2 agree

well coded - great looking, low system requirements, no frame rate irregularities, recovers from alt-tab fast, stable

2 agree

cool mech abilities - jump, boost, fly, dash, transform

2 agree

Satisfying weapons

2 agree

Tons of enemies on screen at once

1 agrees

High replayability

1 agrees
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T-ENG system can be annoying and makes exploring the levels difficult

7 agree

Story is forgettable and hokey

5 agree

No party system for online matchmaking

4 agree

Single player mode is short, only 11 levels

3 agree

bosses can pin you / your mech and deal massive damage - no ability to escape

2 agree

annoying button mashing events

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A Japanese shooter game that rocks? In 2004 Capcom producer Keiji Inafune set out to create a Japanese game on the same caliber as Halo, and Lost Planet is the result. A blend of eastern and western influences, Lost Planet pits humans against humans against giant insect against environment. As a result there's a lot of crazy action going on as Wayne is constantly attacked from all sides, all the while keeping his thermal energy high to remain warm.

Using the new standard over-the-shoulder third person camera made popular by Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War the game is gives you a ton of varied weapons to take down the game's enemies. That's the western part. The eastern mix in the game comes from the use of the game's playable giant robot mechs known as Vital Suits, or VS. The VS are as varied as the handheld weapons, as some can jump very high, others hover in the air, and others transform into different forms. Lastly is the addition of a grappling hook that is available at all times that lets players reach new heights in the stages, as well as grapple onto the giant insects and enemy VS.

The game is sorted into a traditional level-based single player campaign with 11 stages in total, and a multiplayer mode. Single player is short but the collectible target markers and the many difficulty levels emphasizes replayability. Multiplayer features the standard deathmatch and team deathmatch options, as well as king-of-the-hill type modes known as post grab. The game supports up to 16 players in one match, with all of the weapons, equipment, and VS from the single player campaign available to use.

A collector's edition of Lost Planet is also available that includes a collectible tin, a Vital Suit mini-figure, and an extra downloadable multiplayer map, that will be available to everybody in Spring of 2007.

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02/27/2009 08:53

This game is only $4.99 (75% off) on Steam this weekend. You get both the directX 9 & 10 versions. It's worth the $5 for the included benchmarking tool alone. The DX10 version looks fantastic on my machine and runs relatively smoothly as well. It's okay with the keyboard/mouse but it's better with an Xbox 360 controller plugged in.

02/26/2007 12:37

OK, so I borrowed Omar's copy for the weekend. At first I didn't like it, then I loved it, then I came back down to reality a bit. It's pretty good. I think that the levels are too easy compared to the bosses. Too much time battling bosses, and not enough time in the Lost Planet. I'm looking forward to GRAW 2 instead (I played the demo).

02/23/2007 11:49

Sure, but I need it back to play some more of that sweet sweet multiplayer. I was playing the other night online, and I just haven't had that much fun playing a video game in a long time. And I had just beat Gears of War a couple of weeks ago which is a fantastic game in its own right! Lost Planet is going in my top 10 of all time, I love it that much.

02/23/2007 11:38

This game looks awesome. I know you have it, Omar. Perhaps I can borrow it?

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