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The Canon ZR900 is an entry-level miniDV camcorder, retailing at just $249 and released in 2008.

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very light and well balanced, comfortable to work with

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video quality is clear and detailed enough for casual viewing

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MiniDV format avoids loss of detail through compression

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capable of a very extended zoom range, great for recording a stage from the back of the room

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need to play around with the menu settings to work out all the functions, not completely intuitive

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entirely dependent on the MiniDV format, can't just drag/drop files to your computer

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low light shooting is very grainy, hard to see anything

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can't achieve HD clarity, will look noticeably soft on a larger HDTV

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The Canon ZR900 is an entry-level miniDV camcorder, retailing at just $249 and released in 2008. This product targets those who want a no frills camera that does the job without the bells and whistles. It has a 41x advanced zoom, similar to the Canon DC300 DVD camcorder series.  It has a Digic DV sensor, which is a step behind the Digic DV II sensor of the DC300 series. It has a 2.7" LCD screen.  Its CCD sensor is at 680,000 pixels, the same quality as the more expensive Canon DC310. User reviews have been pretty decent about this one, they were particularly happy with the value for price aspect. Overall this camera is about $100 cheaper from the cheapest one in the Canon DVD camcorder series, yet has all the features save for the direct recording to DVD feature. Users will be required to upload the movies to a computer then record it onto a DVD from there if they desire a DVD recording of their videos. 

  • Capture video to MiniDV tapes
  • 41x Advanced Zoom; image stabilizer
  • Widescreen HR recording
  • 2.7-inch widescreen LCD
  • Still image recording
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