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The Canon HF100 is similar to the Canon HF10 without the dual flash memory.

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37 mm lens makes using other attachments a breeze

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Best-in-class video

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built in flash

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HDMI output for direct playback of recorded video

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microphone input jack

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built-in lens cover

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12x optical zoom

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records in full 1080p high definition

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Hundreds of dollars less than next up models with nothing lost but on-board memory

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utilizes cheap, capacious and easy to find SDHC storage

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compact and lightweight

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takes 2MP still photos

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poor battery - about one hour of recording time

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No on-board flash memory

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only records audio in stereo

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expensive for the majority of consumers

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mediocre low light performance

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The Canon HF100 is similar to the Canon HF10 without the dual flash memory. The HF10 has an internal 16GB memory and an SD card slot, whereas the HF100 only has an SD slot.

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12/11/2008 05:33

can currently be had for ~600$ in canada. 16GB SDHC cards are 35$. do the math -- for class leading video quality this is by far the best value out there, from any manufacturer. Snap one up before they sell out, cause i doubt canon will have a similarly cheap new offering in the near future...

10/16/2008 03:42

If you absolutely need on-board flash, then look at one of the higher end models of this line; however, if you are like me, and would rather pay less money for more space (save the $200+ dollars by getting the HF100 instead of the HF10, and buy memory cards with that money), then you should take a serious look at the HF100. Other than memory space, it is the exact same camera as it's more expensive big brothers, which means you get the same awesome video as well as some pretty decent stills for a camcorder.

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