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The SELPHY CP1200 wireless compact photo printer is so much fun to use, you'll want to take it everywhere with you.

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Take printing and sharing to new heights with the SELPHY CP1200 Wireless Compact Photo Printer. The SELPHY CP1200 comes with a beautiful sleek new design while keeping all the great features that make SELPHY printers special, and even adding a few new ones. The CP1200 is more portable than ever with an optional battery pack that connects directly to the printer and has enough power to print up to 54 photos on a single charge. With the dedicated WiFi button, it’s easier than ever to get the CP1200 set up on your wireless network. Once that is done, you can use the Canon PRINT app, AirPrint, Wireless PictBridge and more. The SELPHY CP1200 is available in black or white to fit your personal style, and that’s just the start. Once you start printing water resistant prints, cards stickers you’ll start personalizing everything around you! 

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  • Dedicated Wi-Fi button to easily connect to and Print from your Wireless network.
  • Airprint enabled! Print wirelessly and effortlessly from your Compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Just the Perfect combination. Each selphy ink and paper kit comes with exactly enough of each to Print 18, 36, or 54 photos. No waste, no worries.
  • Easily Print your favorite Facebook and Instagram memories right from your smartphone or tablet with the Canon Print inkjet/selphy app.
  • Enjoy portable printing with a stylish compact design and optional battery pack - up to 54 prints from a single charge!
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Color Options

  • White
  • Black
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What's in the box

  • SELPHY CP1200
  • Compact Power Adapter
  • Paper Cassette (Postcard Size)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does CP1200 print a true 4x6 size?

    It prints to the edge of the paper length ways and a little past the tear mark at each end. So after tearing you get an edge to edge print.

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