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The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF605 is a medium-high end 24" printer that retails for $2, 721.00 and was released in 2004.

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quality of the images that come out of it are perfect, professional-quality

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reliable enough operation for daily use over a few years

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doesn't use much ink per print, goes a long time before we need more

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solidly built, nothing seems flimsy or loose

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prints large documents in a reasonable amount of time

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easy to set up, instructions are very simple, don't need to be a technician

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small footprint, not much bigger than the width of the maximum paper size

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The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF605 is a medium-high end 24" printer that retails for $2,721.00 and was released in 2004. Its a lot cheaper than the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF700 series that is about double the price range of this one. This one is more targeted towards technical document users working with Computer-Aided Design (CAD), GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) applications as well as users in general office environments. The other series is more for companies that does printing for a living such as FedexKinkos. It has the PosterArtist Lite software that gives the user the ability to quickly and easily create professional large format prints. It has a total of 30,720 nozzles (same as Canon imagePROGRAF iPF720) with 5,120 nozzles for matt black, and 2,560 nozzles each for the C,M,K,BK colors. It has no internal hard drive. 

  • Printer type: 5-Color 24-inch Printer
  • Number of Nozzles: 1,200 dpi
  • Print Resolution (Up to) 2,400 x 1,200 dpi (Max) 
  • Buffer: 256 MB
  • Borderless printing
  • Maximum Roll Print Length: 59 Feet (18 meters)
  • No internal hard drive
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