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The Canon CP-220 is an entry-level, portable dye-sub photo printer.

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setup is simple enough for entry-level users

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pictures come out looking photo lab quality

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small and light enough to be portable and taken with you on vacation

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can print directly from the camera without needing to use a computer at all

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prints are durable enough once dried to be sent in the mail as postcards

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doesn't have an LCD preview to make any last-second adjustments

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difficult to find papers and ink for it

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The Canon CP-220 is an entry-level, portable dye-sub photo printer. The main difference between the CP-220 and the more advanced CP-330 is the included battery pack intended for increased portability. Instead of a battery pack, this model relies on line power from any standard AC outlet. Optionally, the CP-220 can be operated on the road with a car adapter if purchased separately. As a small format printer, this device is capable of printing credit card sized prints (2.1" x 3.4"), mini-stickers (0.9" x 0.7", 8 per sheet), 4” x 6” prints and also 4" x 8" prints. The CP-220 comes with one 4” x 6” combination photo paper/ink cassette, but additional cassettes can be purchased if one needs different sized paper or refills. The standard 4” x 6” pack of 36 prints costs approximately $12, making each photo $0.33. Printing can be accomplished with a computer or directly from a Canon camera via USB.

  • Printer type: full-color direct digital printer
  • Printing method: Dye-Sublimation thermal transfer (with overcoating)
  • Print speed: postcard size - 85 sec, credit card Size - 40 sec, 8-mini labels - 40 sec, wide size - 106 sec
  • Print resolution: 300 x 300 dpi, 256 gradations/color
  • Interface: direct connection to camera using via USB, connection to computer via USB
  • Ink: dedicated ink cassette (Y/ M/ C, overcoating)
  • Power source: AC power or car cigarette lighter (purchased separately)
  • Dimensions & weight: 6.7 x 4.7 x 2.2 in, 28.9 oz (excluding paper cassette and ink cassette)
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