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The Canon XH-A1 is a high definition camcorder from Canon designed for the professional or serious-non professional.

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On-camera mic works pretty well in most close-up situations.

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Lens and focusing system works very well with good edge-to-edge sharpness.

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Button/control layout is logical, well thought out.

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Very comfortable to use as it weighs less than 5 lbs.

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Tiny, low-resolution LCD display is a pain to work with.

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Lacks an HDMI output.

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No 720p recording capability.

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The Canon XH-A1 is a high definition camcorder from Canon designed for the professional or serious-non professional. It is capable of shooting full 1080p resolution and features a Genuine Canon 20x HD zoom lens with Professional L Series Fluorite. The Super-Range Optical Image Stabilization corrects camera movement and vibration while the Instant AF (Auto Focus) gives an ultra-quick, accurate focus and the DIGIC DV II HD image processor helps provide improved color reproduction and noise reduction. It has several shooting options with the ability to shoot with 60i, 30F or 24F frame rates cand can capture true 16:9 widescreen HD. It has a 0.57" viewfinder and 2.8" screen, both of which are LCD widescreens giving both the director and camera operator a view of the action. It can store still images with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, 848 x 480, 1440 x 1080, and 640 x 480 which can be stored to either a MultiMedia Card or SD Memory Card. Other notable features inlclude built in XLR terminals, external microphone holder, an accessory shoe for a camera light and Canon CONSOLE Image Control & Storage Software Version 1.1 for easy camera setup through a PC.

  • Power Supply (rated): CA-920
  • Image Sensor: 3 - 1/3" Native 16:9 CCDs (1440 x 1080)
  • Total Pixels: Approx. 1.67 Megapixels
  • Tape Recording:
    • HD: 1440 x 1080; Approx. 1.56 Megapixels
    • SD (4:3): 1080 x 1080; Approx. 1.17 Megapixels
    • SD (16:9): 1440 x 1080; Approx. 1.56 Megapixels
  • Maximum Recording Time (with an 80-min. cassette): SP: 80 min
  • Lens:
    • Zoom Ratio: 20x Optical
    • Focal Length: 4.5mm - 90mm (32.5mm - 650mm; 35mm photo equivalent)
    • Zoom Speed: 16 Zoom Speeds, plus High Speed and variable
    • Max. F/Stop: f/1.6 -- 35mm
    • Filter Size: 72mm
  • White Balance: Outdoor, Indoor, Manual, Set (2x), Color Temperature (in degrees Kelvin)
  • Image Stabilization: Super-Range Optical
  • AF System: 3 Mode Instant Auto Focus (external sensor plus TTL)
  • Viewfinder: Widescreen .57" Color Viewfinder (Approx 269,000 pixels)
  • LCD Screen: 2.8" Widescreen LCD (Approx. 207,000 pixels)
  • Recording Media: MiniDV Cassette
  • DV Terminal: IEEE 1394
  • Video Terminal: LANC terminal, BNC Video, Component Video, and Composite Video
  • Audio:
    • 2-channel recording/MPEG1 Audio Layer II
    • DV
      • 16 bit (48 kHz)
      • 12 bit (32 kHz)
      • 4ch synchronous recording not possible
    • HDV
      • 2-channel recording/MPEG1 Audio Layer II
  • Microphone Terminal:
    • 2 XLR (line/mic level) inputs with phantom power (+48v)
    • Mic terminal (3.5mm)
  • Dimensions:
    • Approx 6.4 x 7.4 x 13.8 in (163 x 189 x 350 mm) - not including grip belt
    • Approx. 6.4 x 7.4 x 12.4 in (140 x 189 x 314 mm) - not including the lens hood and grip belt
  • Weight (not including lens and battery pack): 4.6 lb (2100g)
  • Weight (fully loaded): 5.2 lb (2300g)
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