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The A550 is the upgraded version of the previous year's PowerShot A530.

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4X optical zoom

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Inexpensive - find it for around $130

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Impressive photo quality for the price

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Best digital photography bang for the buck in 2007!!!

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Good ergonomics

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2.0" LCD is smaller than the more typical 2.5" found in competitors

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The Canon PowerShot A550 provides plenty of performance and features for the money if you are a snapshooter or someone who wants to make high quality pictures without breaking the bank. The A550 is the upgraded version of the previous year's PowerShot A530. The A550 is a point and shoot digital camera with plenty of automatic settings allowing its user to easily take good photographs under many shooting conditions. It features a 2.0" LCD screen and 7.1 megapixels of photo resolution.


  • 7.1 Mega Pixels
  • 16:9 Widescreen
  • 4x Optical Zoom
  • Evaluative Metering
  • 7 ISO settings
  • Flash Lock
  • Focus Lock
  • Exposure Lock
  • Manual Shutter Settings
  • Sharp Lens

The A550 sells for an average price of about $129.00 ~ $139.00 USD as of September 2007. It was first released in February 2007. Also consider the A550's little brother, the Canon PowerShot A460 that can be found for around $110.

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When David Dreams
09/06/2007 01:42

I love this camera. When my Vivitar Vivicam 3710 died I was looking for a new 'digital holga' or a cheap P&S that I could take everywhere to show my buddies what a 'cheap' digital camera could do. I found this Canon PowerShot and was so blown away by it that I am now keeping a weekly journal and gallery about my A550 for everyone to see.

David 'Red' Cox

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