It is an affordable, lightweight, andfull-featured automatic 35mm SLR for both beginning and advancedamateur photographers.

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The Canon EOS Rebel 2000 is a full-featured automatic 35mm SLR for both beginning and advanced amateur photographers. It offers a host of special modes for specific shooting situations, including full auto, manual, night scene,portrait, landscape, and more. It also has shutter-speed priority and aperture priority modes--although most users will inevitably leave the camera in full auto mode a majority of the time and the camera performs very well that way. Just remember that the empty rectangle symbol on the mode dial is for full auto.

Some other basic features include an impressive seven-point auto-focus system, LCD panel with extensive information display, three exposure metering modes (evaluative, partial, and center weighted), auto exposure bracketing, a multiple exposure function, and depth-of-field preview. The auto-focus system is incredibly responsive, and includes seven focusing points that can be set individually for super creative shooting. In other words, using the LCD panel as a guide, you can set the camera to automatically focus on the far right focus point (or any of the other points) so your main subject doesn't have to be in the middle of the frame to be in focus in a snap.

In fact, most settings can be adjusted in creative ways on the Rebel 2000, like the exposure level, which can be set to overexpose or underexpose up to two full stops for tricky lighting situations where you might want to fool the camera's metering system. It also has a small, built-in pop-up flash, plus a hot shoe for an additional flash unit. Overall, we found this camera to be smartly designed with an attractive look and a comfortable feel.

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  • Autofocus 35mm SLR with full manual options
  • 28 to 80mm Zoom lens included
  • Retractable built-in flash
  • 7-Point autofocus system
  • 35-Zone exposure sensor
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is memory card slot?

    It's a film camera not digital. There is no memory card.

  • Does it have automatic film load & reverse or do you have to manually turn and load & reverse?

    It is automatic loading and reverse.

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