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Less expensive, smaller in size and lighter as compare to its other product line member like Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8 L IS Lens.

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Good solution for all-around mid-range zoom needs, e.g. sports, wildlife, without getting too specialized

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Image stabilization increases lowlight performance for landscape shots

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Excellent ergonomics, comfortable to hold and logical button layout

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Excellent barrel distortion reduction, no noticeable effects

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Image stabilizer works well, first of its kind on this Canon lens type

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Sealing is much improved over previous generations and reduces dust and moisture damage

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Vignetting is negligible at all settings

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Significantly higher price point than previous and similar-spec models

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Canon 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM , is less expensive , smaller in size and lighter as compare to its other product line member like Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8 L IS Lens ; but on the contrary, doesn’t have the subject action stopping , and background blurring capabilities like Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8 L IS Lens. Canon70-200mm f/4 L IS USM has 4 stop image stabilizer, which is almost similar to the 3 stop image stabilizer of 70-200 f/2.8 IS; which enables this lens to shoot at 4 stop slower shutter speed, as compare to the non IS ( Image Stabilizer) Canon 70-200mm f/4 L USM Lens. In terms of similarity, both the non IS and IS version of this product has the same professional quality “L” lens, but with a slight weight difference. After the f/2.8 IS, the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L IS USM Lens is the second lens in the Canon 70-200mm L lens family to have weather sealing, but still needs some extra care in wet and dusty environments. The f/4 IS lens has added 2 elements and 4 groups to the non-IS lens, to have better image stability and quality. The Chromatic Aberration is well controlled in this product, in order to produce good color and contrast in the images. Moreover, the added feature of 8 blade circular aperture helps in creating quality foreground and background blurr quality. Just like the other Canon's 70-200 L lenses, Canon 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM focuses fastly, quietly and  accurately because of Canon's Ring USM (Ultrasonic Motor) technology. All these above mentioned features of Canon 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM, enables one to shoot photography’s like portraits, landscape, outdoor sports, and general wildlife etc.

  • Compact lightweight body - 760g, 172mm length
  • 4 stop Image Stabilizer with 2 modes
  • 1 x Fluorite and 2 x UD lens elements for superior optical performance
  • Ring type USM auto focus with full time manual override
  • Circular aperture diaphragm for even background blurs
  • Environmental seals for dust and moisture resistance
  • Super Spectra coatings to suppress ghosting and flare
  • 1.2m minimum focus distance
  • Lens hood and soft pouch
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