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Featuring a graphite Aldila VooDoo shaft available in Light, Regular, and Stuff variations.

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At address It inspires confidence with its long, deep face

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Rewards golfers who have a nice easy swing

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Great driver, exceptionally easy to hit, great distance. Fubuki X-stiff is a great light shaft if you typically play stiff.

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Some people find the shaft to have too much flex

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Not the best sound on well hit shots

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The Callaway FT-iZ Driver is a golf club driver featuring a graphite Aldila VooDoo shaft available in Light, Regular, and Stuff variations. It features ‘barbell-like’ weight distribution with 58% percent of the mass in the clubface and 16% in the rear, thereby producing a high MOI and a low CG for increased speed (linear accelebration). In addition, 12% of the face area has ball speeds within 2mph of max speed because of a chemically milled hyperbolic face that optimizes face thickness by selectively removing unwanted material for precision thickness control. Plus the FT-iZ hosts an aerodynamically designed body that provides reduction of drag in the downstring for higher impact speeds. Testers at hail the club as “one of the best at minimizing distance loss on miss-hits.” But they did note that shots feel like they hit well regardless of impact location.

  • Golf Club Driver
  • Graphite Aldila VooDoo Shaft
  • Cast Titanium (Fusion Tech)
  • Compression Cured Carbon Fiber (Fusion Tech)
  • Formed Aluminum and Cast Steel (Fusion Tech)
  • Barbell-Like Weight Distribution
  • High MOI
  • Low CG
  • Increased Acceleration
  • Chemically Milled Hyperbolic Face
  • Optimized Face Thickness
  • Aerodynamically Designed Body
  • Reduced Drag
  • Little Variance from Shot to Shot
  • Flexible Shaft for Stiff Flex
  • Stable Feel Through Impact
  • Triangular Shape is Distraction to Some
Model Options (Name, Lie, Available In)
  • 9 | 60 | RH
  • 10 | 60 | RH/LH
  • 11 | 60 | RH/LH
  • 13 | 60 | RH
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