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It has a 9" top with 11 full length dividers giving easy access to clubs.

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quality long-lasting build

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sturdy kickstands

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well padded for carrying comfortably

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fully featured - cooler pocket, valuables pocket, magnetic ball pocket, multiple strap adjustment points, etc...

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great looks

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putter well is too small

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too heavy for walking with (9.5 pounds alone)

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The Callaway FT Performance Stand Bag combines the best features of a cart bag and stand bag into one fully loaded versitile carrier.  It has a 9" top with 11 full length dividers giving easy access to clubs. The beverage pocket keeps drinks cool and the compression-molded tool box is great for storing a cell phone and other valuables. This is also the only bag that features JAWS technology on the ball pocket, which allows you easy one-hand access. The XTT2 Base is lighter than other models, but is more stable thanks to increased ground contact and rubber pads on the feet. The three-point strap system features a Find-a-Strap Slide Rail which makes it easier to load on your shoulders and gives added balance.  The lumbar pad with X-Flow air circulation keeps your lower back comfortable and cool.  The Cart Strap Bite Technology prevents the bag from sliding when being used in a cart and vibration pads prevents damage to the stand. The Callaway FT Performance Stand Bag is available in black and black/white.

  • 9” top
  • 11-way top with 11  full-length dividers
  • Izzo adjustable 3-point strap
  • 6 zippered pockets
  • 1 mesh pocket
  • “JAWS” pocket
  • X-Flow lumbar ventilation pad
  • Strap bite technology
  • Molded tool box
  • XTT2 with 4-point balance base
  • Fluid storage
  • No shock cart pads
  • Find-a-strap glide rail
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