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The Cadence CSB-F3 is a three-channel sound bar speaker designed for use in a home theater.

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Works with the 2 channel CSB-F2 to form a complete 5 channel surround sound system

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Comes with wall mounting hardware and tabletop mount

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Ergonomic design optimal for home theater

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Not recommended for listening to regular Stereo recordings

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The Cadence CSB-F3 is a three-channel sound bar speaker designed for use in a home theater. Three channels inside the bar are left, right, center, and on both ends of the outside are small rounded tweeters. The dimensions are 43" wide by 5" deep, with a tapered shape which reduces internal standing waves for better sound quality. An accompanying unit, the CSB-R2, is a two channel sound bar that is used for the rear surround channels. Basically you would have the three channel sound bar in front of you either mounted on the wall or on top of the tv, and the two channel sound bar on the wall behind for a total of 5 channels. Frequency response for the CSB-F3 is specified at 75 Hz to 24 kHz, while the CSB-R2 has a range of 85 Hz to 22 kHz. Made for home theater, sound bars are not beneficial for listening to two-channel stereo recordings, as the multiple speaker system is designed to play usually five or more channels of movie audio in a specific 'viewing' area. A sub woofer is a good addition to most home theater speaker systems and this is no exception.

  • 3-Channel audio system with left, center, and right channels
  • Power handling: 20 watts RMS - 175 watts maximum
  • Frequency response: 75Hz - 24KHz
  • Sensitivity: 92dB @ 1w/1m
  • Impedance: 8 ohms per channel
  • 3 x 1” balanced soft dome silk tweeters with ferro fluid cooling
  • 6 x 5.25” high compliance neodymium woofers
  • Left & right channel aimable with adjustable angle
  • Wall mount bracket and TV set top bracket included
  • 25 foot three-channel speaker wire included
  • Dimensions: 43-3/8” wide x 4” high x 5-1/8” deep
  • Complemented by the CSB-R2 for rear channels
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