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The SPK-9100 is a pair of wireless over-the-ear headphones from the Cables Unlimited company.

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head strap is easy to adjust to the size of your head in seconds

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fairly light construction, don't press down on your head badly

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range is great, can walk several rooms away with no interruptions

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don't leak too much sound, won't annoy the people around you

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fabric on the ear pieces avoids accumulating heat or moisture

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tricky getting them mounted right for recharging

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distortion is noticeable if the volume is turned up too high

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a little big and bulky, not very sleek

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The SPK-9100 is a pair of wireless over-the-ear headphones from the Cables Unlimited company. Powered by a 900MHz transmitter running on two rechargeable AAA batteries, this model uses RF (radio frequency) technology to broadcast audio signals up to 165 feet for user convenience. Three selectable signal channels are available for attaining the best-possible signal quality at all times, with the unit's compact and lightweight design tailored to users who are frequently on the go and want access to a simple, cable-free listening experience. The inclusion of two 40mm drivers provides powerful woofer response to strengthen middle and low frequency outputting, providing audio playback that is both clear and balanced. Connecting via 3.5mm stereo jack, the SPK-9100's transmitter can easily connect to desktop and laptop computers, stereos, iPods and other portable media players. The unit is also fully compatible with other Cables Unlimited products, making it possible to work an external speaker into the user's setup for increased listening possibilities. 

  • Matte black aesthetic 
  • Compact, lightweight design 
  • RF Wireless connectivity 
  • Over-the-ear (circum-aural) design 
  • 165-foot wireless range 
  • 3.5mm connectivity 
  • Two AA rechargeable batteries 
  • 40mm drivers 
  • 900MHz transmitter 
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