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The CC Pocket is very easy to use and has excellent overall performance.

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The CC Pocket has five easy to use memory buttons and it stands upright for convenience and best audio through the speaker. The sides are rubber coated to provide a firm grip and to help protect the radio if dropped. The Stereo/Mono/Speaker switch allows you to listen to the radio via the built-in speaker while using earphones as an antenna for the FM and NOAA Weather Bands.

It is not common for a radio to block a strong signal that overrides a favorite weaker station. The CC Pocket has excellent selectivity while providing maximum sensitivity to weak signal. 

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  • AM/FM and NOAA Weather Band Pocket Sized Radio
  • Excellent selectivity and sensitivity for its size
  • Built in speaker or can be used with included earbuds
  • Backlight, Sleep timer, Clock and Alarm, Removable belt clip
  • About 75 hours of play on (2) AA batteries (not included) with earbuds. 25 hrs. using 1.25", 16ohm

  • Premium earbuds included for providing rich lows and crisp highs while listening - Backlight, sleep timer, clock and alarm, removable belt clip (no auto shut-off)

  • Battery meter, Signal meter, stereo or mono FM reception indicator

  • Works with rechargeable batteries. C. Crane loves to design radios for the connoisseur but we don't want to make radios too complex. The CC Pocket has advanced hidden features not normally found on a pocket radio. Pressing the #1 and #5 keys at the same time, while listening to an AM station, disables the display screen. This allows you to reduce noise and improve AM radio reception under some circumstances

  • NOAA Weather Radio with Alert (disables AM/FM radio while activated)

  • Five memory pages for AM/FM

  • Selectable frequency or clock display while listening

  • Beep on or off - 1, 9 or 10 KHz selectable tuning steps

  • Selectable Narrow or Wide AM filter

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently have the Sangean DT-200X. Would I benefit from an upgrade to the CC Pocket radio?

    The reception is going to be very similar. Some differences that you may notice is the CC Pocket has a sleep timer vs a fixed auto shut off.

  • Can you disable the beep in the Speaker?

    The switch on the left side goes in the up position.

  • Can you compare distant AM station reception to other pocket radios such as the CC SW Pocket or the Sangean DT-210?

    The CC's AM and FM reception is better with noticeably less static noise coming from the speaker for all 5 of AM and 5 FM stations here in Phoenix. There is still one problematic AM station deal with but reception is better on the CC for that one. The CC also has a cellphone type signal strength display on the screen so you can twist or move the radio to get the best radio signal for that station. The 210 does not have this feature.

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What's Included

  • C. Crane Cc Pocket Am Fm and Noaa Weather Radio
  • Voz-P Wooden Earbuds
  • Belt Clip
  • Manual
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