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The Neo XS Watch is pre-loaded with 33, 000+ courses in more than 30 countries (no membership or download fees) .

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The Neo XS Watch is pre-loaded with 33,000+ courses in more than 30 countries (no membership or download fees). Auto course recognition allows users to easily find their course, and auto hole advance means golfers never have to touch the watch after starting a round. The Neo XS is equipped with an odometer, as well as standard watch features such as a stopwatch, alarm, and timer. The Neo XS watch is legal for tournament play.

The Neo XS Watch is light, thin, and features a comfortable sports band. The watch is also waterproof. The rechargeable battery of the Neo XS Watch is long lasting and provides up to 3 rounds of golf (based upon average of 4 hours per round), or two years of use as an everyday watch (time only). The watch comes with a USB/Charging cable.

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  • Ready to play right out of the box; no membership or download fees
  • Pre-loaded with 33,000+ courses in over 30 countries; Auto Course Recognition and Auto Hole Advance
  • Easy-to-read front/center/back distances; hazard/layup distances (up to 4 per hole)
  • Long battery life provides over 3 rounds of golf between charges or 2-year battery life when used in watch mode
  • Comes with USB charging/sync cable for easy charge or course updates and quick-start guide; one-year limited warranty
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Time Mode

Time mode displays time, date, day. The time can be set using GPS position, meaning the time and date will be set via longitude position. Users can set preferences between 12 hour or 24 hour time format. The Neo XS also features a daylight time option for a quick and easy way to adjust the time between daylight savings and standard time.

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Tee Time

Tee Time is a useful feature that allows users to set up a tee time up to 1 week in advance. When a Tee Time is set, the Neo XS watch will automatically enter Play Golf mode, and search for local courses 7 minutes prior to the set time.

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Odometer Mode

The Odometer is a GPS function that tracks speed, distance traveled, and activity time. This multi-purpose feature can also be used for fitness activities. This technology is used in the "track shot distance" functionality.

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Play Golf Mode

In "Play Golf Mode", users can easily track the hole number, par information, and front/center/back of the green distances. With auto hole advance, the watch will automatically advance to the next hole as you walk around the course. Getting distance around the course has never been easier.

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Hazard Distances

Pre-loaded with up to 4 hazard distances per hole, golfers can easily track hazard locations during play. Also includes layup distances, which makes choosing the right club easier than ever.

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Menu Screen

Featuring an easy to navigate menu screen, the Neo XS is easy to use and operate. From the menu screen, users can switch to Golf Mode, adjust settings, or utilize other watch features such as the timer, alarm, or stopwatch.

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Bushnell Options

  • Black/Yellow
  • Charcoal/Orange
  • White/Blue
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this watch come in both black letters as well as white letters?

    The black only comes with this design.

  • Easy to read in sunlight?

    Yes, it is easy to read in sunlight.

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