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The Dominant is a men's park snowboard from Burton's 2010 lineup.

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heavy landings are fairly stable

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party rocker makes it loose enough to shift around easily

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edges are perfect for rail riding, don't catch

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turns and jibs are easy and fast

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elliptical kicks give great pop for quick hops or bigger jumps

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rides stable enough for new users

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low speed maneuverability is a little tricky

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The Dominant is a men's park snowboard from Burton's 2010 lineup. The board is designed with a negative core profile with park fly cores which are thicker between the bindings and thinner at the tip and tail.  It features Burton's Channel technology, allowing the bindings to be mounted to the board according to the rider's preference.  The board also has Party Rocker technology which provides zero camber between the feet and rockers outside each foot.  The shape of the Dominant is perfectly symmetrical for balance and it has an elliptical shape at the tip and tail for added float and clearance.  It also includes Rail Ready edge tuning and Infinite Ride tuning so that the board will consistently feel like new.  The board is available in five sizes and is recommended for use with Burton's Mission EST bindings and Poacher boots.

  • The Channel Technology
  • Rocker Shape: New Party Rocker
  • Core: Dualzone EGD, Negative Core Profile, Park Fly Cores
  • Glass: Dual Density Biax React Fiberglass
  • Base: Lightspeed Vision Base
  • Shape: Pro-Tip, Twin, Elliptical Kicks
  • Tuning: Infinite Ride
  • Sidewall: 10:45 Sidewalls
  • Edge Technology: Rail Ready Edge Tune
  • Flex: Directional
  • Feel: 3
  • Sizes: 146, 150, 154, 156, 159
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