The Burton Custom EST is a mid-cost snowboard binding.

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The Burton Custom EST is a mid-cost snowboard binding. The EST in this binding's name refers to the EST (Extra Sensory Technology) system, which is a board-to-binding interface that offers boarders comfort and more stance angle options. The EST system partially consists of the channel-mounted ShredBED 2.0, which replaces the baseplate of traditional bindings. The ShredBED 2.0, a cushioned, removable platform, helps to absorb impact by spreading it throughout the boot. Thanks to the simple channel-mounted design of the EST system, you can adjust stance angles by the simple pull of a cord, and have more angle options than traditional three-angle bindings. The binding itself (excluding the buckles, cushioning and straps) is all made of the same material, bomb-proof polycarbonate, which provides a laid-back control. The use of a single material for the entire binding creates a consistent feel and response, which helps you to adapt to new territory. The microFLAD system on the hi-backs of the Custom EST allows you to easily micro-adjust, so that you can keep your feet at a dominant forward lean angle. The microFLAD system offers twice the options of Burton's traditional FLAD (Forward Lean ADjustment) system. This binding is a step up from the lower cost Custom Binding in that it has the EST system and the Removable ShredBED 2.0 Cushioning system (which has a stance indicator window, and offers more adjustment options than traditional cushioning systems). There are color and size options available for the Burton Custom EST snowboard binding.

  • Color options
  • Size options
  • Lightweight design
  • Bomb-proof polycarbonate
  • Single component
  • MicroFLAD
  • Smooth Glide buckles
  • Primostrap
  • Disc
  • Primo Capstrap
  • EST system
  • Removable ShredBED 2.0 Cushioning system
Color Options
  • Clearly Orange
  • Purple
  • Clearly White
  • Black
Size Options
  • Small (sizes 6-8)
  • Medium (sizes 8-10)
  • Large (sizes 10+)
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