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The Burton Custom Binding is a mid-cost men's snowboard binding.

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easy to lock up even with your gloves on

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solid and sturdy construction, can take some abuse without any problems

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very light, won't noticeably add any weight to your board

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can be adjusted to almost any boots quickly and easily

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compatible with any snowboard, come with all the parts needed

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excellent response, doesn't lose any of your movements to flex

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price seems a little high for basic snowboard bindings, difficult to justify the pricetag

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The Burton Custom Binding is a mid-cost men's snowboard binding. With its lightweight design, Burton promotes this binding as being ideal for trick boarding. The binding itself (excluding the buckles, cushioning and straps) is all made of the same material, bomb-proof polycarbonate, which provides a laid-back control. The use of a single material for the entire binding creates a consistent feel and response, which helps you to adapt to new territory. The microFLAD system on the hi-backs of the Custom Binding allows you to micro-adjust with ease, so that you can keep your feet at a dominant forward lean angle. The microFLAD system offers twice the options of Burton's traditional FLAD (Forward Lean ADjustment) system. The Smooth Glide buckles of this binding are chrome-plated aluminum with lightweight polycarbonate levers. These buckles are made specially by Burton, specifically to fit this binding. This binding differs from the higher cost Burton Custom EST in that it lacks the EST (Extra Sensory Technology) system and Removable ShredBED 2.0 Cushioning system. There are color and size options available for the Burton Custom Binding.

  • Color options
  • Size options
  • Lightweight design
  • Bomb-proof polycarbonate
  • Single component
  • MicroFLAD
  • Smooth Glide buckles
  • Primostrap
  • Disc
  • Primo Capstrap
  • EVA baseplate cushioning
Color Options
  • Clearly Orange
  • Purple
  • Clearly White
  • Black
Size Options
  • Small (sizes 6-8)
  • Medium (sizes 8-10)
  • Large (sizes 10+)
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