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The Burton Cobrashark is a snowboard binding with a unique winged hi-back.

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Strap components provide little to no pressure points - helps to maintain comfort throughout extended riding sessions

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Wing and asymmetrical ankle strap components provide an excellent fit - increases user confidence when executing spins tricks and steep downhill runs

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Large amount of mid flex is ideal for all-mountain riding - promotes a smooth, consistent ride with minimal bumps and swaying

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Excellent overall quality for the price - unit is durable enough to handle hard regular use for several seasons back to back

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Very versatile binding - suitable for halfpipe, kicker/booter and rail applications alike

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Sleek, modern aesthetic appeals to modest riders - preferable to flashy, over-the-top models incorporating neon colors and other unnecessary gimmicks

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Not recommended for users with thinner feet/boots - bindings run somewhat wide and are tailored to larger riders

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The Burton Cobrashark is a snowboard binding with a unique winged hi-back. The wings cradle the calf, reducing bite and making them more secure. This combines with the asymmetrical ankle strap to make spins, butters, and presses faster and easier. Single-Component construction of the hi-back decreases response time, ensuring that the binding moves with the rider. Park blend short-glass and nylon composites are used at different blends to create a specific flex that is stiff where it needs to be and flexible elsewhere. EVA baseplate cushioning is used here to reduce the weight of the binding, and re-ground materials are used to reduce waste.

  • Single-Component
  • Smooth Glide Buckles
  • Primo Capstrap
  • 3D Curved, Triple Axis Spine
  • Grip Fit
  • MicroFLAD
  • Winged
  • Park Blend Short-Glass/Nylon Composite
  • EVA Baseplate Cushioning
  • Re-Ground Materials in Baseplate and Hi-Back to Reduce Waste
  • Asymmetrical Superstrap
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