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Features a light-weight chassis and highly responsive Team Skyback.

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very light weight design, allow for easy maneuvering

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cap strap design makes you feel locked in without pinching

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canted foot pad effectively transfers power in a natural way

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gel in the straps distribute pressure evenly, handle your movements without digging in

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adjustable forward lean screw backs off slightly on each run, needs regular tightening

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where the straps mount on the rest of the binding come loose and bend easily

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hi-back twists too easily, reduces responsiveness

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Burton Cartel bindings (2007 model featured here in white/antique) are a very popular freestyle binding that are turned to by Burton and non-Burton riders alike.  Features a light-weight chassis and highly responsive Team Skyback.  The 2008 line has the following features the new canted Living Hinge Team Skyback II with DialFLAD (this supposedly reduces weight and increases strength & adjustability.

  • BASEPLATE: Short-Glass Fiber/Nylon Composite
  • HI-BACK: NEW Canted Living Hinge Team Skyback II (2008)
  • HI-BACK: Team Skyback with QuickFLAD and True OTT EVA Padding (2007)
  • STRAPS: Pre-Curved Triple-Axis Telescoping Superstrap, Convertible Capstrap with Grip Fit (2007), NEW Primo Capstrap (2008),
  • BUCKLES: Polished Aluminum Levers, Dual Component Smooth Glide Buckles, Quick Release Gate
  • CUSHIONING: Gapless Baseplate Padding and Dual-Density EVA Heel Cushioning
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01/09/2008 11:36

In case anyone else had similar issues to is my comment in response to the question about the "lean" on the bindings:
I have the 2007 Burton Cartel model...the 2008 model is slightly different, but as you probably know you can adjust the angle of the "lean" using the buckle on the back. When I first strapped in to these bindings, I did notice that even on the most vertical angle, they lean forward more than my previous bindings. After gettting out on the hill I didn't have any issue with it, and I find the bindings very comfortable. You want to be leaning forward in your bindings slightly rather than being straight up. If you are having pains from the back of the bindings, perhaps your boots are not compatible with the cartel bindings. You can adjust many of the straps and settings with the Cartel bindings, so maybe try tinkering with some of those adjustments to see if you can make your boot fit more comfortably.

09/28/2007 11:36

I picked up the 2007 model on sale for $180 (clearing stock for 2008). Sweet looking and feeling bindings.

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