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The Buffalo WLAE-AG300N is an Nfiniti Wireless-N Dual-Band Ethernet Converter.

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many possible use cases - three unique operational modes

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dual band support - the 5Ghz band works great for streaming HD content over a local network

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works well with the Linux-based Tomato router firmware

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makes adding wireless n connectivity to an existing wired network less of a hassle

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Will not turn on automatically in case of power outage - need to be turned on manually afterwards.

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confusing setup - included software is poorly designed and difficult to use for most users

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Can't make it work. After three hours I gave up and returned to store. Instructions are confusing. No help on their website either.

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lacks Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

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glossy enclosure - easily attracts dust

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poor documentation - included manual isn't very helpful

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only 2x Ethernet ports

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The Buffalo WLAE-AG300N is an Nfiniti Wireless-N Dual-Band Ethernet Converter, Access Point & Bridge engineered for making a pair of wired game consoles or the like wireless. It offers three modes. In Ethernet is connects two wired devices to a wireless network. In access mode it turns into an access point. And lastly two or more such units can be combined to create a high-performance 11n bridge or repeater—useful for extending an already present wireless network. Otherwise a standard wireless device, the WLAE-AG300N offers advanced security encryption options (WPA, WEP, etc.), backwards compatibility with slower a/b/g networks, and one-touch, push-button connections to AOSS systems.

  • Ethernet/Access-Point/Bridge
  • Wi-Fi Certified
  • 802.11n (2.4GHz/5GHz) Networking
  • 802.11b/g/n Backwards Compatibility
  • 300Mbps Data Rates
  • Two Integrated LAN Ports
  • AOSS Compatibility
  • Advanced Security Options
  • Supports Two Devices
  • Can Be Repeated/Bridged
  • Standards: 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Frequency Range: 2.4/5Ghz
  • Access Mode: Infrastructure
  • Security: WPA2-PSK (AES, TKIP), WPA-PSK (AES, TIKIP)
  • Security: 128/64-bit WEP
  • Wired LAN: 10/100Mbps (RJ-45) x2
Post Review
08/09/2011 11:50

Lacking gigabit connectivity is what sort of con exactly? Or does the reviewer thing that will enable gigabit wifi performance?

Magnus P. Bjarnason
02/03/2011 07:45

Something they've forgotten to mention, these unit, will in case of power outage, not turn back on automatically, but need to be turned on manually. Something that makes them pretty much useless in any non-power secure setting, and merely annoying to operate if you like to turn your electrical appliances off from time to time..

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